ALTEN Group is now iSQI’s Best Partner for 2018



The engineering market is in constant evolution, and staying up to date with new technologies has become crucial for both individuals and companies. In this regard, the creation of the ALTEN Belgium Academy has been an amazing opportunity, for clients as well as for consultants! The wide portfolio of internationally certified training offers the possibility to strengthen partnerships with clients and enhance competences for our consultants.


The most important feature of the Academy lies in the quality of the training ALTEN has been certified for many years by international institutions such as IREB or ISTQB and has now officially received the iSQI’s Best Partner Certification for 2018!



What does it mean to be iSQI’s Best Partner 2018?

The International Software Quality Institute (iSQI GmbH), headquartered in Potsdam (DE), with branch offices in Amstelveen (NL), London (UK) and Boston (USA), is a leading provider of certification examinations all over the world.  For more than ten years, the iSQI has played a large role in certifying the know-how of IT professionals in over 100 countries, on six continents and in 10 languages. With over 30,000 certifications per year, iSQI paves the way for successful career development.


Moreover, the iSQI joins together professionals by regularly hosting international conferences. These platforms for experts from the industry and for academia foster exchanges related to experience and business development in addition to advancements towards software quality engineering as a matured discipline. 



The selection program

For ALTEN Belgium, the Best Partners 2018 certification (Best Partner 2018 for ALTEN Belgium) means being recognized for long-term collaboration and for the quality of training delivered by the ALTEN Belgium Academy. Through its Masterclass Programs and Training, the Academy registers more than 200 participants per year through iSQI. This makes ALTEN Belgium the biggest certification partner in Belgium and the only certification holder.