ALTEN Group Won 2018 Best Employer



In the list of Top Companies 2018 announced by LinkedIn, ALTEN Group retained the Best Employer honor.



“The company drives more than 40 internal research project without any commercial purpose.” From the introduction of the list.

Founded in 1988, ALTEN Group has dedicated to the development and research of engineering technology field for the past 30 years. In addition to promoting research projects actively, company carries out diversified and comprehensive activities every year, such as technology innovation day, talent’s camp and ALTEN Campus, in order to motivate employees’ creativity and give them chance to communicate with the same industry professionals.


ALTEN 2018 Digital Innovation Day


ALTEN Talent Campus


ALTEN Campus


ALTEN Group encourages our employees show their talents out of the engineering technology fields. We encourage employees to develop their own interests, help employees achieve their aspirations, and protect employees' dreams.

ALTEN Campus Talent Show


Employee Sailing Picture


Employee Model Aircraft Manufacturing


Employee Personal Exhibition


Caring for employees is the best catalyst to speed up company development. ALTEN Group is not just a global company, but also an "engineer's home" focusing on all staff’s development.

ALTEN Group's business now spreads 22 countries around the world, covering 8 industries including automotive, aerospace, information technology, networking & telecom, semiconductors, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, energy. It has 27,000 employees, and 24,700 of them are top engineers.