ALTEN China Jiangsu Team Building in September 2017



In September, after saying goodbye to the severe summer heat, the employees of ALTEN China Shanghai organized a team building full of passion and laughter.



The content of this event is rich and varied. It not only tests the intelligence but also requires strong physical strength.


For example, funny games like “flag signal” and “cargo” need the combination of our physical strength and intelligence.Self-made paper warship needed us to make a paper boat that can float on the water. It showed the strong organization skills and creativity of ALTEN’s employees, and our collaboration and understanding are not just in the office; in the water gun battle in the pool party, we were free to enjoy the moment with no difference between the upper and lower levels, because we were just each other’s comrade here. ALTEN Group is really “The Home of Engineers”. After understanding the basic knowledge of types and techniques, every ALTEN China employees experienced the thrill of riding wind and waves in the sailing competition.




If each of us is like a small piece of puzzle, then when we get together, a complete ALTEN family is finally formed. All the employees were much closer to each other in the teambuilding. The joy and warmth has always filled our ALTEN family.