Join ALTEN to protect the earth


April 22, 2020, the 51st Earth Day, this year's theme is: "Treasure the earth, people and nature live in harmony".

This year, CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) once again assigned ALTEN the A- rating in recognition of its approach in favor of the fight against climate change.And the 2019 ranking of the Gaïa Rating was presented on 14 October 2019, at a ceremony at the Palais Brongiart in Paris. For its 5th year of participation, ALTEN has improved by 10 points

As a global company,ALTEN Group is leading in sustainable development adn environmental protection.We are committed to becoming an environmentally friendly enterprise, improving employees' environmental awareness,and using our technical expertise to protect the environment within its ability.

Waste sorting, using public transportation,low-carbon life and integrating environmental protection with ALTEN into our lives, starting with everything and protecting our "blue heart"

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