In a context of internationalization, tightening regulations and changing technologies, ALTEN Group plays its role in sustainable development issues. As a global company, ALTEN Group is fully committed to implement sustainable development approaches in our various host countries, capitalizing on individual initiatives, and sharing our common values.

The strategic thrust of the Group’s sustainable development approach is aligned with ALTEN Group’s core values, and are built on four pillars:


ALTEN is dedicated to offering its Clients innovative and sustainable solutions that meet their current and future needs, thanks to the expertise of its employees in internal and external R&D projects.

ALTEN has developed its own internal R&D project to support the innovation. Besides its involvement in clients’ innovative projects, ALTEN has since 2010 been funding its own R&D effort. Research focuses on developing new offers and skills that will be useful for future projects. These investments qualify ALTEN to make authoritative recommendations for technological options and innovation, and also to develop the skills of the future that will be implemented by our Clients.

ALTEN’s R&D programs are premised on sustainable development and seek to reconcile economic, environmental and social considerations in the world of high-tech projects. They are structured around four themes:

Global security and risk management

Sustainable mobility

Energy performance

Quality of life and personal services

Some ALTEN R&D projects examples:

Energy-storage project based on the electrochemical relationships between metal and air

Emergency drone system in partnership with SWAT

Support systems for the visually impaired in partnership with major laboratories

Retinal pathology imaging solutions in partnership with dedicated laboratories


For ALTEN Group, being a socially responsible company means improving access to employment for tomorrow’s engineers, promoting the image and values of the engineering profession, and supporting technological innovation.

  • Global compact

    The key reference for ALTEN CSR actions


    Since July 2010, ALTEN Group has been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, an international initiative that brings together companies, UN agencies, members of the business community and community groups to support universal principles in the areas of the environment, ethics and labor law.

    By signing the united nations global compact, the ALTEN Group undertook to respect and promote the fundamental rights enshrined in the universal Declaration of Human Rights, the dignity and worth of the human person and equal rights between men and women.

    We made the choice to renew our commitment to the UN Global Compact, and we adhere to its ten universal principles. We strive to ensure compliance with the rules relative to our responsibility in our sphere of influence.” Simon Azoulay, ALTEN Group’s CEO.

  • ALTEN obtains ISO 27001 certification

    ALTEN Group announces that it achieved ISO 27001 certification, a high international standard in ...


    ALTEN Group announces that it achieved ISO 27001 certification, a high international standard in information security management. The ALTEN Group is one of the first companies in the field of engineering and technology consulting to guarantee its clients such a high level of security over its entire business.

  • Work-study placements: a springboard for young people

    ALTEN supports work-study students for their entry...


    ALTEN supports work-study students for their entry into the world of employment, training them for careers in engineering and technology consultancy, employing in-house tutors who monitor the transfer of skills.

  • Promoting women’s vocational development

    Too few young women choose to train in scientific ...


    Too few young women choose to train in scientific or engineering subjects and they are still under-represented in engineering professions. At ALTEN China, we encourage women to discover the exciting careers of engineers. We offer training and communication programs to help them expand their skills to face the challenges in their career. We also would like to see that women employees take more responsibilities in management and leadership.


Responsible <br> Employer


ALTEN Group employees have missions covering all engineering sectors, support and sales functions. Whatever their career paths, they are given full support by HR so that their finest talents are able to emerge and develop. The ALTEN Group is committed to implementing concrete actions designed to promote the development of talent, quality of life at work and welfare in the workplace. As a result, a large number of recurring or one-off actions have been introduced in France and in the ALTEN Group’s subsidiaries abroad. At ALTEN China, social projects have been implemented for the wellbeing of all employees by providing healthy, safe and stimulating environment.