ALTEN China Won the AUTOSAR Excellent Global Partner of the Year Award





Thanks to the AUTOSAR organization for presenting ALTEN with its Global Excellent Partner of the Year Award. We are honored by AUTOSAR’s recognition of our expertise and support for innovation in the automotive software development field, and we are honored by AUTOSAR’s appreciation of our long-standing cooperation and contributions.


Since becoming a Premium Partner of AUTOSAR in 2018, ALTEN has taken a leadership role in the development of the AUTOSAR platform, including both the Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR platforms. In doing so, we have not only contributed to the further development of AUTOSAR standards in general, ALTEN has also used this knowledge to support our Clients from initial stages of R&D all the way through series production, for their AUTOSAR platform-compliant electronic control units and ADAS systems. ALTEN is committed to providing our Clients with more advanced software development and testing solutions, in the automotive industry and beyond, to help them overcome increasingly complex technical and speed-to-market challenges.



We are very grateful for the support and trust given to us by AUTOSAR and are very pleased to welcome our fellow AUTOSAR Partners to share and exchange with us. We believe that by working together, we can make AUTOSAR an excellent global standard for automotive software, and contribute even more to the innovation and growth of the automotive industry.